19 May 2011 @ 12:21 am
So.... I've kind of abandoned my LJ. I only use LJ to lurk communities. Now I'm in love with tumblr and use that every day. So if anyone wants to keep up with me, go to
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19 July 2010 @ 12:41 am
It really sucks to feel so lost and unhappy with the path that I'm on. I don't know what else to do though.
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19 January 2010 @ 01:53 am
I saw Alvin and the Chipmunks Squeakquel on Saturday because Kendra and Kam wanted to take the boys to see it and invited us. It was alright, could've been worse I guess. Then I went to see Avatar at the Imax with my mom on Sunday. I had already seen it before with my dad in 3D but I was dying to see it again at the Imax. My mother really enjoyed the movie. I know the story and dialogue aren't ~the greatest thing ever~ but it's really a fun experience. My sister doesn't want to see Avatar but I'm wondering if her husband would be interested enough for us to drag him to the theater to see it (so we can watch it again, lol). I wanted to see Avatar at the Imax to see what the difference was between the RealD 3D and the Imax 3D. There's really no difference except for screen size. I hated the glasses at the Imax though, they were a little uncomfortable and kept slipping down my face. I'll see Avatar again at the Imax but I really wouldn't go there for all 3D movies because it's too expensive.

College starts on Wednesday and I didn't even register until last week, lol. I'm not really enthusiastic. I only have 1 class, Advanced A&P. There's a 2 hour lecture on Monday/Friday and a 3 hour lab on Wednesday. I failed A&P the last time I took it and couldn't move forward in the Vet Tech program until I took it again and passed. Failing Adv. A&P really ruined my self confidence and now I'm wondering if I'm even cut out to be a vet tech. I think if I finally find a job working in an animal clinic where I'll actually use the stuff I'm learning right now that I'll feel more confident and remember why I want to work with animals.

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18 December 2009 @ 04:03 am
Stole this from bokchil.

→ take a screenshot of your desktop.
→ take a screenshot your media player (if you have one up).
→ take a screenshot of another program you have up.
→ pick a tab you have up & take a screenshot of it.
→ you're not allowed to change anything before the screenshot.

I need to find a cool wallpaper but it has to be neutral since this is my mothers laptop and other people will see it as well. So no pretty k-pop boys :(.

Time for bed since I have to work today.
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04 November 2009 @ 05:54 pm
Name: Stephanie
Date: 11/4/2009
Colorgenics Number: 03576142

You have exaggerated demands on life but you are cautious enough to try to hide these beliefs from the outside world. You are covert enough to try to impress other people around you with your achievements and at the same time able to put on an act of pretending to be 'humble' - being the same as everyone else. It would appear, however, that whatever you are doing seems to be working out O.K.

You dislike playing the field in every sense of the word. When you develop a relationship it needs to be a close fulfilling one, one that has deep meaning for all parties concerned.

It's the time of year that you are apt to become extremely restless and emotionally withdrawn. This is preventing you from becoming deeply involved with a person or persons within your sphere of influence. If you are willing to 'let go' and release your inhibitions you will find that a great deal of physical satisfaction will result, far more than perhaps you even believed you were capable of.

Recently everything seems to have gone wrong and so you are experiencing considerable stress and anxiety due to mental conflict. A continuous case of 'Should I?' or 'Shouldn't I?'. At this particular moment in time you feel as if you have reached the end of your tether and it seems impossible to ever rectify the situation and so you have decided, perhaps quite unrealistically, to postpone making any further decisions. Disappointment and unfulfilled hopes have given rise to despondency. This conflict between hope and necessity is creating considerable pressure. Instead of resolving this by facing up to making the essential decision, you are likely to immerse yourself in the pursuit of trivialities as an escape route.

You seem to be always on the defensive and that is because you have failed to establish yourself in a manner consistent with your own high opinion of yourself. You are trying to prove yourself with inadequate resources and this has resulted in considerable stress. You are trying to escape from these excessive demands on your reserves by adopting a defensive attitude in which you refuse to be committed or to be involved in further unpleasantness.
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04 November 2009 @ 12:55 am
I hate daylight savings time ;-;. It feels hours later than it really is. When I left for school at 2:30 it felt like it was 4. When I finally got out at 7:30 it was pitch black and felt like it was 9. Ugh~. And I never adjust to the time change. I basically feel like crap until the time changes back to normal. I am totally a summer person and I need sunlight, despite actually hating the sun b/c of my sensitive eyes lol.

I have fallen in love with FT Island after their recent Japanese release, Raining. I love all 3 songs on the single album. It's surprising because I kept forcing myself to listen to some songs from Colorful Sensibility and just didn't really like it. I'll have to try more of their music and hope I like it as well as Raining.

I just listened to f(x)'s new single Chu~. I like it but at the same time... it's kind of eh~. I guess I just find their music to be kind of childish and bland so far. They really need to do something impressive soon because frankly they're boring. I really want them to succeed!

I have to study for a test on Thursday, booo~. I'll probably end up wasting a couple of hours on OMNTD's FFA tonight though lol. I am so responsible ^-^.
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20 October 2009 @ 01:12 am
Obviously I am terrible about keeping up with my LJ :P. I'm not going to bother with promises about posting more often. Since I have a tendency to disappear from LJ for a million years I'll put some info about other more reliable ways to catch up with me.

I finally got a Facebook:

Stephanie Salmon

Create Your Badge

I also have a Windows Live account and you can chat with me on Messenger:

And of course, just email me at Don't use the @live one because I just created it so I could chat with a friend on Messenger.

Now I've gotta get to bed since I have a class at 3:30pm.
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03 September 2009 @ 11:47 pm
Max ran away yesterday. I think he got out the front door while I was helping my mom with groceries. I didn't notice until the middle of the night when I realized I hadn't seem him since mom got home. I freaked out and looked all over the house and went outside several times with a flashlight. Then today mom and I looked outside again and posted fliers on all the lampposts on the street and gave a flier to the neighbor. Then 3 or 4 hours later he came home.

Mom went outside to see if he showed up and came and got me because she saw a cat across the street that looked like Max. I was about to go across the street to look at the other cat when Max came right up to the gate and shocked the hell out of me. It was such a strange coincidence. He's fine though with no scratches. I was sure he'd get killed because he's a declawed indoor cat and there are a ton of feral cats around here. I was feeling like a ~horrible person~ all day and now everything is back to normal, lol. I have to take down all the fliers in the morning and let the neighbor know he's not missing anymore.

edit @ 12:30am: It's pouring rain outside with thunder and lightning so thank goodness Max came home before the storm!

Neener neener

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27 July 2009 @ 06:49 pm
Yesterday I took two prescriptions to be filled at Tom Thumb. They're both for my horrible acne. One is Solodyn, a pill, and the other is Triaz, foaming cloths with 6% Benzoyl Peroxide. My dermatologist gave me discount cards for both. I tried using the Solodyn card once before at CVS and they said it didn't work and I ended up paying over 100$ for ONE prescription. I told him about the problem and that I can't afford to pay that price anymore. He insisted that the cards should work so I decided to just try a different pharmacy. This time I asked them to check the price w/ the card before filling the prescription. The Solodyn was free (sweet!) and then the pharmacist said the Triaz would be 225$ with the card and 275$ without. My jaw dropped. I didn't get the Triaz filled there and decided to try CVS. The Triaz was still over 100$. I said SCREW THAT and went looking in the face wash section for any face wash with Benzoyl Peroxide because that is all those goddamn cloths are. I found a foaming face wash with 10% Benzoyl Peroxide for 10$. It's the exact same thing. Jesus fucking christ, what a rip-off.

(PS: I'll make another entry later w/ my daily calories. I didn't realize I had fallen so far behind :O.)
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23 July 2009 @ 11:57 pm
Ugh, I had cramps most of the day yesterday. They started right before my dentist appointment -_-.

Here's some great news! My mother got a new laptop yesterday with 4 gig RAM and 220 gig hard drive. Much better than the old one, which has only 258 mb RAM and 40 gig hard drive. She's giving me the old one to replace my even crappier laptop. I'm going to upgrade the RAM and hard drive as much as I can. I think it can handle 2 gig RAM and I found a 120 gig hard drive for a good price. I'm still using moms new laptop for watching youtube videos in HD and full screen though :P.

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